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January 2016

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This is to anyone who has come here because I friended them on LJ and were wondering, "who on earth is this mysterious person I don't know who has friended me" ... or something of the like

First of all: Hello! And Welcome! And if you're interested in learning a little about me there's a post a few posts down that has some good important information that you might like to know. (Or you can give this a click: pippnfrodo.livejournal.com/15432.html) And if anything strikes your fancy please feel free to friend me back or contact me! I love hearing from people!

Second of all: No, I'm not a stalker. I'm just a little friend-ing happy. If there's something on your journal, namely a story, that interests me then I'll friend you so I'll be able to read any other stories you post. And so I'll be notified if you add anything else so I can read it right away and I'm sure be completely fascinated by it

Third of all: I don't really think there's a third of all, other than if you feel interested in any of my writing I've started posting a few things on time and chips and dwfiction.... or all of my things are on teaspoon as shadowedsunsets... yes, that's shameless free self-advertising I know...

Anyways... Welcome!


I am so glad you are posting your stories. :)
Thanks dearie!! ^^
Oh hello there! I'm glad you posted this because I was literally thought "Who is this Lord of the Rings fan befriending me?"

BUT NOW ALL IS EXPLAINED. *waggles fingers* And as it is explained, I feel very happy and smiley because you liked my work enough to Friend me for it. Which is a big, big compliment.
Yeah, when I explained to my friend why I have so many friends on LJ she was like "you might want to put up a post explaining that just so people don't think you're weird." I try to follow her advice most of the time ^^;;

I did love your work, and I hope you update soon! I'm reading through the bbc!Sherlock thread at the moment - which my friend who should know better linked me to- and quickly becoming obsessed. Everything is just so good!

Anyways, hello! I'm glad you don't think I'm some weird stalker ^^;;
Saw your first sentence and laughed because that's exactly why I popped over here.

So I thought I'd leave a comment to say hello *waves*
Hello there to you as well! ^^ Thanks for leaving a comment!

And I'm glad I made you laugh, and hopefully put your worries about me to rest ;)

Also, I absolutely love your Sherlock stories (I went through all of them pretty much in the space of a day), and really hope you keep up the good work!
lol Well that explains things!
Hello new friend (and thanks for the compliment!!!) *friends back*