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January 2016

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Fic Master List

So, I wasn't going to do this... but considering how much of a crazy messed-up maze my LJ and its tags are... I thought I'd save everyone else from going crazy by trying to find things on here.

So, here we go... a master list of all my stories on here. Which, admittedly, aren't many... but hey... *shrug*

All links go to the first chapter of the story. The chapters should be linked together, let me know if I messed it up or if you have problems! Some of the links go to Teaspoon, some to LJ some to ao3... just so you're not confused.

Happy reading! (edited 09/11/12)

Cabin Pressure


Our Resident Ghostly Mascot II    A03
A story in which (newly) Pilot Martin Crieff still joins MJN Air, just a little... posthumously.
Martin, Arthur, Douglas, Carolyn

BBC Sherlock


The Skull's The Thing (ao3)
Sequel to "The Secret's in the Skull." Magic AU. John and Sherlock arrive at the Holmes family home to help plan the defeat of Moriarty. But as secrets come out, and the magical world is thrown into even more chaos, the danger- and the encroaching threat on the continued survival of the magical world, and possibly the normal world- increases.
John/Sherlock pre-slash, Moriarty, Lestrade, Mycroft, Mummy Holmes, Father Holmes


I Knew Them Well Series

The Secret's In The Skull
Magical AU. In the short span of their relationship Sherlock has been keeping many important secrets from John, ones that won't stay secret for very long if his instincts about Moriarty are correct. And then once those secrets come out after the pool incident, everything does in fact fall apart. Quickly.
John/Sherlock pre-slash, Moriarty, Lestrade, Mycroft

The Edge of a Coin
When Sherlock Holmes met John Watson, he thought he had found the one person he wouldn't mind spending the rest of his life with. But it turns out that even the great Sherlock Holmes can't deduce everything about a person.
John, Moriarty, Sherlock.

To Everything, There is a Season (link goes to first chapter on lj)
Act I: This is the story of Sherlock and Mycroft's childhood together, back when Sherlock still looked up to and his world revolved around his brother. When Sherlock lived like he wanted to and only his brother understood. Of course, it couldn't last forever; no matter how much he wanted.
A take on Mycroft and Sherlock's childhood, written pre- series 2, in vignette's from Mycroft's POV.

Act II: Having decided he doesn't need anyone and can survive perfectly well on his own, Sherlock strikes out into the world. He hits a few bumps and lows before finally finding the one person he's really been looking for all along.

Sherlock's journey through uni, meeting Greg Lestrade, and then stumbling upon John Watson; written pre- series 2, in vignette's from various characters' POV.

Doctor Who

A Chiswick Christmas Carol  
After the Doctor rescues Rose from the alternate universe, they return for a very eventful reunion wherein they finally begin a relationship. Then, Rose and the Doctor's first trip afterward is interrupted by the sudden appearance of a rude, and actually ginger, bride inside the Tardis.
Ten/Rose, Donna

Faces in the Crowd
On a faraway planet during a well-deserved shopping trip, Rose and the Doctor are confronted with faces that are all too familiar... from the past and the future.
Nine/Rose, Ten/Rose

Never A Love So True
After a long history of failure with women, lonely bachelor John Smith is just about to give up on ever having a love life, when he has a crazy idea: to create the perfect woman of his dreams. The result is better than he could have ever wished for, a woman named Rose who he falls head over heels in love with. But, real life is never perfect, and as they say, Love is blind.
AU Ten/ AU Rose, mentions of Donna and Jack

You Carry My Heart With You Always
When the Doctor leaves her behind when he has to travel to a planet deadly to humans, Rose expects him to be back for her within the five and a half hour limit he's promised. But when hours turn to days, and days to weeks, Rose finds herself constantly searching the sky for the blue box and alien she now calls home.
Ten/Rose, Jackie

Always By Your Side
Rose takes a moment to reflect on the Doctor and their relationship together. Takes place anytime before Doomsday.

When Rose and the Doctor are left alone together during a visit home, the Doctor learns something new about his companion, and they promise even more to each other than just forever.
Ten/Rose, Jackie

Game Night
A late-night discovery of Rose's leads to a whole new tradition on the Tardis.
Nine, Jack, Rose

The Power of Memory
Spoilers for Doomsday.
After saying goodbye on the beach in Bad Wolf Bay, Rose takes the time to reflect on her time with both of her Doctors.

To Trust Again
AU (if Doomsday never happened).
Rose never expected her and the Doctor to come closer together as a result of her simple curiosity about what would happen if she got him drunk. She also never expected him to share his secrets with her, and hers with him, either.

Whispers of the Past (http://www.whofic.com/viewstory.php?sid=33132&chapter=1)
Spoilers and AU after S3. Having continued to travel together after their happy reunion several years ago, on a routine visit to Earth Rose and the Doctor are caught up in another kind of reunion. One that is completely unexpected and triggers both unpleasant and pleasant memories for the Doctor about his past. Everything seems to be going fine, until the Tardis decides to take matters into her own... hands?
Ten/Rose, Tardis, Doctor (Academy Era), Master (Academy Era), Romana (Academy Era)

A Memory of Youth
A serendipitous meeting in their high school library leads Rose and John on the adventure of a lifetime, one of friendship, pain, courage, and love.
Ten/Rose  AU

On one of their adventures, Rose, the Doctor, and Jack find themselves facing a situation they'd never expected, leaving Rose to plan their escape on her own. Prompt: Loss of speech.

Works in Progress

Getting to Know You
AU of TCI. Rose is sent back home and the Doctor and Jack get away safely as well, but regenerating without the Tardis is a little more trouble than either of them had anticipated. Especially since Rose is having a hard time believing this brown-haired stranger is the Doctor, and since the Doctor is having a difficult time himself remembering just who he is exactly. Oh, and did I mention the spaceship hovering over London?
Nine, Jack, Rose, Ten, Jackie, Mickey

Trapped in a Lie
After having his identity stripped from him by scientists who captured him on a faraway planet with little to no hope for a rescue, the Doctor manages to free himself and escape to the Tardis. But now that his link with the Tardis wasn't what it used to be, and he's having to rediscover what it means to be the Doctor and the last of the Time Lords, as he goes... the Tardis takes him to the one person who just might to be able to help him... a person who's had his own memories messed with.
Ten, Tardis, OC's, Jack

A Shoulder to Lean On
AU after LotTL. Darkfic. When some time has passed after the Year that Never was, the Doctor returns to Jack's side unstable and almost broken by the events he has suffered through. With Jack's help, the Doctor finds the will to live again; only to have to once again face an age-old nemesis. And this time, even with the help of his friends, he may not be able to recover.
Jack, Master, Ten, Tardis, Sarah Jane, Rose
(Possibly on-hiatus.... sorry)

Why Regeneration Always Leads to Trouble
The Doctor's Eleventh regeneration doesn't quite go as planned (not that it ever does), and to her complete surprise the Doctor becomes a woman. And just when she's beginning to finally accept the change, the Doctor crosses paths with two old friends who know her very well and who are likely to uncover the real identity of their mysterious friend much earlier than the Doctor would like.
Jack, Tardis, Rose, Doctor (Author-created)


As of Yet Unnamed 'Verse (co-written with doves_wing-  links go to her journal)

At the Beginning Again- PG, Drama, Fluff, AU, PiC/Doomsday Spoilers- Donna tells the Doctor a bit more than she originally did in Partners in Crime, and it makes all the difference for the rest of their travels.

The Hardest Part- PG, Fluff, AU- In which the Doc and Rose finally get their heads knocked together, while Donna is left behind waiting impatiently.

Other Links

I've also written some stories for Rurouni Kenshin and Fruits Basket. They can be found here.

Thanks for stopping by!